Barn Conversion

This project is about finding the right balance between the old and making interventions to form a modern living space. I started this project after graduating and at the moment the construction is nearly finished.

This former agricultural farmhouse was constructed in 1925 and had a living area in the front and a stable at the back. Both under one roof. The urgent need to repair the building was a reason for a total renovation. The former facade had rather small openings and to anticipate to this, all the living spaces are placed on the south side of the building. Additionally, all the corridors end up facing openings so that there is always contact with the outside landscape.


Picture from 1930

Although the layout of the front of the building refers to the former farmhouse, the rear of the building is reinterpreted as a contemporary living space. Old elements such as the wooden structure, the dung pit, and the small steel windows have been preserved. New parts such as the vertical fireplace element and the horizontal balcony are not aligned with the old structure in order to prevent the structure of disappearing within the new build parts. Together the fireplace element and the balcony form a sculptural object and function as a spatial node. With its a-centric position these elements are prevented to become static objects and instead establish a spatial movement throughout the farmhouse.